Bloodline Boutique

Jol Dantzig is often called the Godfather of Boutique Guitars
In 1973 Dantzig coined the “Modern Vintage” moniker to describe his first handmade instrument.
Since then he has designed and constructed tens of thousands of guitars for the world’s most famous
and talented guitarists. He’s been at the vanguard of the handbuilt boutique electric guitar industry for half a century,
and has been the inspiration for many of those who have followed in his footsteps.

Every Dantzig guitar is infused with the DNA of Jol Dantzig’s Modern Vintage legacy.
Acquiring a Dantzig guitar is a rewarding journey that doesn’t end when we ship your instrument. From the first conversation about your build, to each time you open the case, our goal is to make buying a Dantzig instrument an extraordinary experience for you.

Today’s Dantzig guitars are not sold in stores—we deal with you directly. You can contact Jol about purchasing an instrument via phone or email using the links on any page of this site.

The Signature Series instruments are one-of-a-kind creations, signed by Jol and are available by commission or at any time during the build. The complexity of these builds limits Jol to two instruments per year.

Team Built guitars are made in our shop by Jol and his small crew of builders—many of which he has worked with for decades. These instruments represent a great value in a hand-built guitar, with a number of special options available to make it uniquely yours.